Almost here....

Fall is my absolute most favorite season of the year.....I wait with great impatience each year for it to come. I get especially antsy come mid-July when we've had something like 48 straight days of blazing inferno-like temperatures!
I love everCheck Spellingything about Fall and what it brings to our yard and our home. Shorter days, brisk mornings, cool days and chilly evenings, blazing fires in the stove, soup and homemade bread for dinner (or really anything that requires the oven to be on because that does NOT happen during aforementioned blazing inferno season....). My husband counts down to September 1st each year and reminds me every Sunday of the number of weeks until that day. That is when our Fall begins (even though the temps don't usually cool until the week before Halloween) and hunting season is officially open. So you can imagine our delight when we went out to the garden last week and found these beauties.....
Six beautiful, orange, perfect pumpkins!
and another nine that should be ready next week.....

So, even though I was picking these pumpkins this morning in 103 degree heat, I could feel a little hint of Fall in the air.
And that, my friends, is called wishful thinking.

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