A Crafty Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon was full of...

busy little hands sewing....

and cutting....

and creating. This was my favorite creation of the day. A little bird made by Lauren. It was in a card under my pillow last night....
Little pouches and purses made for sweet friends.

Red Locks of Love

Before.... After...


Our little Stingray...

This was Emma's third year on our local swim team and she announced that it will be her last. I kept thinking she would really learn to love it, but no. She complains that the water is too cold (and in her defense, they start practicing 4 evenings per week in April and the pool isn't heated! brrr). She wishes there were a doggy-paddle event. She claims that her favorite thing about meets are the snow cones. She always asks before she gets in line for an event if she has to use her arms and legs while swimming whatever the stroke happens to be. Ummm, I have yet to figure out what stroke does not require both arms and legs. Sigh.

So, fine. Just ride horses. What do I care?

But she looks so darn cute in her cap and goggles!

The backstroke.....far and away her best event!
Look! She's even right in the center of her lane! This is a rarity, I assure you! ;)


Ahh, so close!
There are usually several heats for each event (and she still doesn't really grasp this concept) and sometimes she will come in second or third in her heat. However, she comes in somewhere around 16th in the event....but she always jumps out of the pool with these big eyes and yells, "I think I was first this time!!! Maybe I'll get a medal!" Ugh. I don't have the heart to tell her the truth......so we get a snow cone and change the subject.

See! I told you she was cute!


"They will come and shout for joy on the heights of Zion; they will rejoice in the bounty of the Lord..." Jeremiah 31:12


The Big 5-0-0!

In honor of John Calvin's 500th, I have selected a few of my favorite quotes of his.

"A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent."

“Let us not cease to do the utmost, that we may incessantly go forward in the way of the Lord; and let us not despair of the smallness of our accomplishments.”

“Is it faith to understand nothing, and merely submit your convictions implicitly to the Church?”

“Wherever we find the Word of God surely preached and heard, and the sacraments administered according to the institution of Christ, there, it is not to be doubted, is a church of God.”

"God tolerates even our stammering, and pardons our ignorance whenever something inadvertently escapes us – as, indeed, without this mercy there would be no freedom to pray.”

“You must submit to supreme suffering in order to discover the completion of joy.”

“There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.”

“Seeing that a Pilot steers the ship in which we sail, who will never allow us to perish even in the midst of shipwrecks, there is no reason why our minds should be overwhelmed with fear and overcome with weariness.”

“There is no worse screen to block out the Spirit than confidence in our own intelligence.”

“I consider looseness with words no less of a defect than looseness of the bowels.”


Parade, Peeling and Prime Rib...

I cannot believe I forgot my camera!!! There were so many times over this past weekend that I wished I had it. I will simply have to tell you what we did....and you will have to imagine what it looked like! However, words do not do justice to the Fourth of July in Cayucos....but you'll just have take my word for it!

Our favorite Fourth moments:
*huge desserts at the Sea Shanty
*belly dancers in the parade
*fireworks off the pier
*long afternoons soaking up (a little too much) sun on the beach
*really terrifyingly ridiculous sun burn lines
*pitchers of margaritas
*fashion shows
*the Cayucos Tavern
*an overflowing spa
*good food
*lots of sand in the girl's 'nooks and crannies'
*grandma serving dessert and clearing the dinner plates while we're all still eating dinner
*quaint coffee shops
*sundresses and bare feet
*free dolphin shows from the comfort of our living room
*face painting and kettle corn at the Peddler's Fair
*cousins and new friends
*a happy husband with a new surfboard

There is no other place I would rather be on the Fourth of July than Cayucos. And the people we spent it with were pretty great too! :) I hope yours was just as blessed!

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