10 things.

i do not enjoy christmas songs about mary. every other song on my pandora christmas station is about mary. the worst so far: "mary's christmas baby".....a horrific cheese-fest of a song intended to replace {mock?} "merry christmas, baby". there are no words. christian radio and i have a very tumultuous relationship and it is not helped any by christmas music.

a couple months ago jake decided the girls needed a tree house. he worked on it most of yesterday and is almost finished. he says i have to paint it. then he laughs meniacally because he knows i'm terrified of heights.

tomorrow is our 12th anniversary. the other day some girls and i were talking about how if we could re-do our weddings, we'd have changed just about everything. the #1 thing i would've changed is the date. you might think that someone whose birthday is on christmas would've realized that she'd also never have an anniversary if she got married on thanksgiving weekend. you'd be wrong.

tonight is the teddy bear toss at the hockey game. right now jake is out trying to find stuffed animals for us to throw. but first he went and did our banking {my least favorite place in the world to go. seriously.}. i love that man.

we hosted thanksgiving this year for the first time. it was sort of last minute, but surprisingly low-stress. we ate ribs, laughed hysterically with our favorite cousins and watched several episodes of big bang theory. not quite tradtional, but perfect nonetheless.

i have done no christmas shopping. my kids have given me no ideas of things they want. this makes me simultaneously proud and panicked.

the only black friday shopping i ever do is at rite aid. shaving cream, toilet paper and holiday m&m's on sale? now those are my kind of deals!

i'm so thankful that my girls' best friends are all the children of my best friends. i don't think i could do this mom, wife, home-school thing without them. we're studying california history together this year and it has been amazing, fun and educational! we are so blessed!!

we did our history co-op and a math lesson this week and that's it. but we played several games of yahtzee so we'll call it a success.

i should be getting decorations and our trees out right now, but i'm stalling.

happy weekend, friends.

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