a president, a King

i know everyone is so over the political posts and commentaries.  me too.  but i just have one thing to say and then i'll be done.

i think it goes without saying that i'm not totally thrilled with the results yesterday.  on the other hand, i'm not surprised.

either way, i had sort of an epiphany yesterday morning.  i was grumbling about the fact that we have a president who has no respect for human life as evidenced by his support of partial birth abortions.  i was sickened by the fact that for 4 more years, the lives of the unborn will go unprotected.

then i went in to get levi out of bed.  and like he does every morning when he sees me, his whole face lit up and he reached for me.  and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  this president didn't protect his life.  but God did.

knowing the laws, the statistics, the societal pressures, it's noting short of a miracle that this wee boy sleeps next to me every night.  it doesn't make sense.  truly, the only explanation is Grace.

and so while our president is still president, our God is still God.  He still sits on His throne, protecting and saving and placing the fatherless into families.

no more despairing or grumbling over here.  just overwhelming thankfulness for such a merciful King.

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