AWANA Grand Prix Night

Wednesday night was the grand prix at AWANA....a favorite night of year in our house! Each of the girls painted a car to race. The cubbies do not participate, much to Lauren's chagrin, but she made one anyway and was allowed to race it afterward.
This is the race track. There are four lanes and each car is raced on each lane.

Emma and friend, Meah, after Emma's car went.....and was first!

A very proud Emma with her trophies:a second for design (everyone goes home with a design trophy) and a fourth place for speed out of all the Sparks. Her dad is very proud and although it was simply dumb-luck, took great pride in telling the other dads what they should do next year to have faster cars. ha! This is the second time she has received a trophy for speed - the first year she got first place overall.

Lauren and friend, Caleb, waiting at the finish line for her car to come down. Lauren's car did not have the weights on it and it still beat Emma's car in speed. Dad says she is using it next year....but she cares more about painting it than racing it! :)


The fruits of our labors...

As I mentioned before, Emma and I are in a sewing class at a local fabric store. We are having a great time and learning a lot.

The first day we made a scrunchy (very fashionable!) and the next week we made backpacks. Lauren is somewhat annoyed that she is too young to participate and so I agreed that whatever I made would be for her (especially the scrunchies!). It is so rewarding to be able to come out of class every week with something!

Wearing the aforementioned scrunchies and backpacks

We also made simple skirts and the girls wore them proudly to church and received many compliments! :) Tomorrow Emma will finish a sundress and I will sew a shirt. Last week we learned to read patterns. I could live without patterns and having to read them. Just saying!


We leave on Wednesday morning for Disneyland! We're spending three days this time and we cannot wait! I'll have many pictures when we return!


Out to play

We let the calves out to run and play on the grass yesterday. Here are a couple of pictures of them exploring their surroundings....

...and meet the horses

Right after this was taken, she stuck her head through and snapped at the calves who ran over the top of each other trying to get away! It was pretty funny. :)



Sunny tagged me!

Here are the rules:
1. Pick the fourth folder in the program you store pictures in on your computer.
2. Pick the fourth picture in that folder.
3. Post the picture and describe it.
4. Tag 4 friends.
*Remember, no cheating, cropping or editing!*

I checked to see what picture it was before I decided to respond to this "tag". :) This is actually one of my favorite pictures of Lauren taken this past summer. She's eating almonds from the orchard right next to our property. Normally, we do not condone eating other people's crops, but these were the ones off the ground after the sweeper went through.....fair game! :) Both the girls live for almond season and spend hours out there opening the almonds and eating them...again, only the ones left behind!

Ok, I'll tag Kati, Melanie, Kala and Dren.......and like Sunny said, I won't be offended if you don't! (I just won't think you're very fun anymore! ha ha)


The other tag was from Kati and directed to all of her blog friends......

Tell 25 random things about yourself

1. My favorite book of the Bible (or one of the top 3 at least) is Habakkuk. Seriously, you should read it.....no one ever does and it is great!
2. John Calvin is a hero of mine.
3. My seven year old kicks my butt at sewing and running long distances. :)
4. At this point, I'm really not sure what my natural hair color even is!
5. I would take snow any day over wind!!
6. I miss nursing a baby.
7. I'm very suspicious of men who dye their hair, wear toupees or have comb overs.
8. I love homeschooling more than I ever thought possible!
9. I wouldn't go back to high school for all the money in the world! :)
10. I would rather spend 45 minutes trying to fit that one last plate into an already over- crowded dishwasher than take the required 2 minutes to wash it by hand. It's the thrill of victory when I finally make it fit!!
11. I hate dusting more than I can communicate in words!
12. I often drain the hot water heater when I take a shower.
13. I can't have any part of my body hanging over the edge of the bed when I sleep because I'm sure someone will grab it! (In my defense - and goodness knows I need one - my dad used to tell me at age 3 that there were monsters hiding under my bed that would grab my feet if I got up. That was his "technique" for keeping me from getting up repeatedly after they put me down. Nice huh?)
14. I grind my teeth in my sleep....or so my husband says!
15. The best gift I have ever received was for my 30th birthday from my dear friend, Kim...a donation of a flock of chicks in my name to Heifer Intl.
16. I could do without celebrities and professional athletes.
17. I cry easily....and often! :)
18. I have no patience for the self-righteous. 19. I have always wanted to adopt a child from Africa.
20. I am addicted to The Bachelor. It is awful, immoral and completely pathetic...but there I sit every Monday night. :)
21. I am a Martha and I tend to be annoyed by the Mary's of the world. It's something I'm working on.
22. One of my favorite passages in Bible is when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego tell king Nebuchadnezzar, "If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand." And then the next verse sends shivers down my spine every time I read it, "But even if he doesn't, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods..." (Dan. 3:17-18) That is the kind of faith I strive for! 23. I am not a fan of character themed clothing on my children.
24. I throw everything away! Clutter makes me anxious and so just to be funny, God gave me pack rats for children! When I was changing Lauren's sheets today I found three of those little ice cream sample spoons from our local ice cream parlor. She thinks they're really cute and can't bear to throw them away! And you thought I had issues! :)
25. I've had a warrant out for my arrest. Seriously. And if you're one of the few people that doesn't know the story....try to guess... you'll never get it! It could only happen to me! :)

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