We made a trip to Insect Lore a few weeks back to purchase a cupful of adult ladybugs.......

because the girls spend hours playing with them, talking to them, pulling them out of each other's hair, naming them and enjoying every minute they can with them before the ladybugs fly away.

We also bought ladybug larvae and a habitat for them. The girls watched them transform into pink adult ladybugs and then we released them. Well, first we played with them for an afternoon! Who knew there was even such a thing as pink ladybugs??

That is a pink ladybug on the tip of Emma's finger....

and another on Lauren's shorts. Notice the coordination of the ladybug, band-aid and tennis shoes? We totally planned that! :-)

We also bought butterfly larvae which turned into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies, right in our living room! Amazing!


Hello to you....

....to the reader across the Pond. Ok, when I checked my google analytics today, I discovered I have (or had) a new reader from....dum da da dum......Manchester, United Kingdom! Wow. I have had analytics (you know, the thing that tells me who everyone is that's reading this....it's like reverse-stalking!) set up for quite some time, but I've never had a reader from outside the United States. Until yesterday! I understand that this was probably some totally random, accidental thing....like they clicked "Next Blog" and mine was it or something.....but, still.....let a girl be excited! :-)

And I'm sure all the excitement this has caused in my life today could not possibly have anything to do with the fact that I have spent the last two hours refereeing the most ridiculous fight between my girls. Who received the cherry ring pop in their Easter basket and who was cursed with the strawberry flavored one? AAAARGH! The worst part, I can guarantee you that if I took the stupid things out of the wrappers and handed them to them, they would never be able to determine which one was the cherry anyway!

And I can also guarantee you that if that reader in Manchester reads this post, they won't be back! lol



Ok, I'm copying Talia (actually, she asked at the end of her blog so I'm really just being polite!) and posting some things that I have been grateful for recently:

~time spent at the beach

~little sprouts coming up in our vegetable garden

~a hard working husband who lets me stay home with our girls

~anticipation of a new pastor....possibly soon!

~a Savior that humbled himself and who, taking on the very nature of man, became obedient to the point of death. And that he would have done it just for me. Boggles the mind!

~healthy little girls

~no additional taxes owed! Can I get an a-men?! :-)

~a mom and mom-in-law who gladly rearrange their schedules and don't mind the inconvenience of taking my girls whenever I need them to. (oh, and I say "inconvenience", they never would! lol)

~a clean house

~a new couch and chairs on order

~good, dear friends

~homeschooling and the peace that it has brought to our family and the friendships that have grown out of it

~a lifetime of lessons learned over the past 2 years....a quickly approaching one-year anniversary of a loss that I never thought I could recognize as a blessing....until recently.

Now its your turn......

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