Hello to you....

....to the reader across the Pond. Ok, when I checked my google analytics today, I discovered I have (or had) a new reader from....dum da da dum......Manchester, United Kingdom! Wow. I have had analytics (you know, the thing that tells me who everyone is that's reading this....it's like reverse-stalking!) set up for quite some time, but I've never had a reader from outside the United States. Until yesterday! I understand that this was probably some totally random, accidental thing....like they clicked "Next Blog" and mine was it or something.....but, still.....let a girl be excited! :-)

And I'm sure all the excitement this has caused in my life today could not possibly have anything to do with the fact that I have spent the last two hours refereeing the most ridiculous fight between my girls. Who received the cherry ring pop in their Easter basket and who was cursed with the strawberry flavored one? AAAARGH! The worst part, I can guarantee you that if I took the stupid things out of the wrappers and handed them to them, they would never be able to determine which one was the cherry anyway!

And I can also guarantee you that if that reader in Manchester reads this post, they won't be back! lol


~ Kati :) said...

Ahhh Cheri, I can always count on you for a good laugh!! ...those endless days of bickering are the reason we live, no?

Adrienne said...


Thank you so much for telling me I wrote A's real name and where it was in my post tonight. I just changed it!!! Thank you very much for letting me know!

:) Adrienne

Rachel E. said...

I love Google Analytics. But sometimes it drives me nuts trying to think of why a person in, say, Germany would be reading my blog.

And now you've had a hit from Honolulu, Hawaii! :-)

Sunny said...

It is fun and yet rather disturbing to see who is reading your blog! Your girls sound like my boys. UGH!

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