Ok, I'm copying Talia (actually, she asked at the end of her blog so I'm really just being polite!) and posting some things that I have been grateful for recently:

~time spent at the beach

~little sprouts coming up in our vegetable garden

~a hard working husband who lets me stay home with our girls

~anticipation of a new pastor....possibly soon!

~a Savior that humbled himself and who, taking on the very nature of man, became obedient to the point of death. And that he would have done it just for me. Boggles the mind!

~healthy little girls

~no additional taxes owed! Can I get an a-men?! :-)

~a mom and mom-in-law who gladly rearrange their schedules and don't mind the inconvenience of taking my girls whenever I need them to. (oh, and I say "inconvenience", they never would! lol)

~a clean house

~a new couch and chairs on order

~good, dear friends

~homeschooling and the peace that it has brought to our family and the friendships that have grown out of it

~a lifetime of lessons learned over the past 2 years....a quickly approaching one-year anniversary of a loss that I never thought I could recognize as a blessing....until recently.

Now its your turn......


Sunny said...

Awww, I love it! Your last one choked me up. Thinking of you!

Talia said...

Cheri, this is beautiful. You are such a wonderful example of a godly woman, especially with everything you've gone through. You're truly lovely. God bless you!

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