Happy Half Birthday To Me!!

(This post was supposed to be published yesterday - the 25th - but our Internet connection was jammed up or something and it wouldn't let me...)

Today is my half birthday! I know this is pretty insignificant for most people over the age of 10, but humor me for a minute....us Christmas babies have to have something to look forward to in the middle of the year! :)

Every single year on June 25, my mother in law gives me a half birthday present. Even when I forget (like I did today until she handed it to me), she remembers! If June 25 happens to fall on a Sunday when we usually have lunch with them, she often makes my favorite meal.....which almost always includes twice baked potatoes and cheesecake. The meal is also accompanied by much whining from my husband and brother in law who often say things like "Rip off!, No fair!, What's so special about her half birthday? and how come you never make my favorite meal on my half birthday?" Mature, huh? (says the 32 1/2 year old writing a post about her half birthday!)

Today I received a yummy smelling "Caramel Popcorn" candle and this adorable coffee mug....

...from one of my most favorite children's books! In fact, thanks to this book we have a sort of "tradition" around here with the girls. Jake is always telling them that he loves them to the moon or Africa or whatever far away place he can think of. Then Lauren always replies, "No, you love me to Africa then back to Shafter then to the moon and then back!" ha ha

Anyway, as I was writing this yesterday Jake got home from work and called me into the kitchen. He was standing there with a smirk on his face and holding something behind his back. He had bought me something. He never buys me things. I'm not complaining and he never complains about me buying anything for myself. Just saying....he never buys me anything. It's fine. Really. He handed me the item....and I screamed. A green ipod nano. I said, "Is this for my half birthday?" Are you tired of hearing me say "half birthday" yet? He just sort of stands there with this bewildered look on his face and says, "Ummmmm, yes! Uh huh! That's exactly what it's for!" lol. He didn't remember. That's okay. Neither did I!

But my mother-in-law did! She always does!


Snow Bunny

Somebody forgot to tell her it's 105 outside!


Ranch Rodeo

A couple of weekends ago we headed up to Glenville for the "Thomas Midnight Pewitt Memorial Ranch Rodeo" for the second year in a row. Jake competed on both Saturday and Sunday and the girls had a couple of pee-wee events on Saturday morning.
Before the rodeo begins they have a "grand entry." All of the people who are going to compete line up side by side on the horses in the arena (this picture isn't so great.....there were about 250 people lined up)....
...and then Midnight's sister rides in a circle around them holding the American flag while they sing the Star Spangled Banner. It gives me goosebumps, even now....

Here's Jake and Anne in the "trailer loading" event (something about trying to get a cow into the trailer as fast as humanly possible while on horseback....don't ask me....)

...see here....the cow (pretty sure it's actually a steer....yes, there is a difference....again, don't ask) is running toward the trailer with Anne right on his heels....
I know this was all very anti-climactic, but I don't have another picture. I'll just tell you that the steer ran past the trailer and Jake's partner didn't turn it back in time so they received a "no time." oops! ;)
Now, the fun stuff! Here Jake is giving the girls tips and going over strategy for their "goat branding" and "goat undressing events."
This is Lauren running out to pull the ribbon off the goat's collar in the "goat undressing" event. Jake and I were completely dumbfounded that she did this. If you don't know, Lauren isn't a huge fan of animals....particularly ones that are her size or bigger. This goat was on a leash, but acting like a complete spaz! It jumped all over the place, including on top of some of the other kids. It made these horrific noises like it was being strangled (it wasn't!). I took one look at that thing and turned to Jake laughing and said, "Ohhhh, no way! This will not be happening! She's gonna freak!" He agreed. Then they called Lauren's name and because it is every child's job to make liars out of their parents, she ran toward the goat. I kept thinking, "Oh, please don't jump on her. She might literally have a heart attack!" Fortunately, she was the last to go, the goat was tired and distracted, and she was able to run up and grab the ribbon before it even noticed.

....and she won!! I still can't believe it! Frankly, there has never been a person more deserving of a trophy! ;) Also, Emma won first place in the only other pee-wee event (it was a bit embarrassing that we took home both first place trophies....the girls weren't at all embarrassed though! lol), goat branding.
Riding around with dad....
The following pictures were taken by me (while driving, but never mind that!) on the way home. We were filthy (which is why Lauren is not wearing any pants, but never mind that either!), hot and tired.....

What a great day!


Much Better!

Splurged on the cute, coordinated, summery, expensive fabric at Beverly's this time. I just spent two hours making a skirt that I could have bought at The Gap for half the price. Hmm. It's the sense of accomplishment that makes it all worth it, right? ;)

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