Much Better!

Splurged on the cute, coordinated, summery, expensive fabric at Beverly's this time. I just spent two hours making a skirt that I could have bought at The Gap for half the price. Hmm. It's the sense of accomplishment that makes it all worth it, right? ;)


~ Kati :) said...

Those skirts are too cute!! Maybe if Shelbi takes an interest in sewing I can learn too...not holding my breath on her though... :)

Pajama Dren said...

Oh, it's super cute. I LOVE it.

Talia said...

seriously, SO cute. I really am quite impressed, as I told you already. And it looks even more adorable ON you!

Sunny said...

So where's mine? ;)

It is beautiful! I haven't even gotten to see you wear it though!

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