AWANA Grand Prix Night

Wednesday night was the grand prix at AWANA....a favorite night of year in our house! Each of the girls painted a car to race. The cubbies do not participate, much to Lauren's chagrin, but she made one anyway and was allowed to race it afterward.
This is the race track. There are four lanes and each car is raced on each lane.

Emma and friend, Meah, after Emma's car went.....and was first!

A very proud Emma with her trophies:a second for design (everyone goes home with a design trophy) and a fourth place for speed out of all the Sparks. Her dad is very proud and although it was simply dumb-luck, took great pride in telling the other dads what they should do next year to have faster cars. ha! This is the second time she has received a trophy for speed - the first year she got first place overall.

Lauren and friend, Caleb, waiting at the finish line for her car to come down. Lauren's car did not have the weights on it and it still beat Emma's car in speed. Dad says she is using it next year....but she cares more about painting it than racing it! :)


~ Kati :) said...

very cute...isn't the competitiveness of men hilarious??

Sunny said...

What fun! I wonder if Jonah is looking forward to making and decorating a car next year. Yay for Emma getting two trophies! How cute that Lauren's car was fastest.

Pajama Dren said...

NAS Car, here she comes. Can Jake hook Emma up with any of those Harvicks? What about Lauren? Does Jake have any connections with the Mears family?

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