The fruits of our labors...

As I mentioned before, Emma and I are in a sewing class at a local fabric store. We are having a great time and learning a lot.

The first day we made a scrunchy (very fashionable!) and the next week we made backpacks. Lauren is somewhat annoyed that she is too young to participate and so I agreed that whatever I made would be for her (especially the scrunchies!). It is so rewarding to be able to come out of class every week with something!

Wearing the aforementioned scrunchies and backpacks

We also made simple skirts and the girls wore them proudly to church and received many compliments! :) Tomorrow Emma will finish a sundress and I will sew a shirt. Last week we learned to read patterns. I could live without patterns and having to read them. Just saying!


We leave on Wednesday morning for Disneyland! We're spending three days this time and we cannot wait! I'll have many pictures when we return!


Sunny said...

I love everything you and Emma are making! I overheard someone talking about the girls' skirts but I never got a chance to look at them up close. :(

Have fun in Disneyland! It seems like everyone is going right now!

Talia said...

ah, so cute!! I am quite impressed with you girls and your sewing. As soon as my Emma is old enough, I MUST take that class with her-- you are getting to learn so much!
and yes, patterns are the devil. :)

can't wait to hear about your DIsneyland trip!!

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