Parade, Peeling and Prime Rib...

I cannot believe I forgot my camera!!! There were so many times over this past weekend that I wished I had it. I will simply have to tell you what we did....and you will have to imagine what it looked like! However, words do not do justice to the Fourth of July in Cayucos....but you'll just have take my word for it!

Our favorite Fourth moments:
*huge desserts at the Sea Shanty
*belly dancers in the parade
*fireworks off the pier
*long afternoons soaking up (a little too much) sun on the beach
*really terrifyingly ridiculous sun burn lines
*pitchers of margaritas
*fashion shows
*the Cayucos Tavern
*an overflowing spa
*good food
*lots of sand in the girl's 'nooks and crannies'
*grandma serving dessert and clearing the dinner plates while we're all still eating dinner
*quaint coffee shops
*sundresses and bare feet
*free dolphin shows from the comfort of our living room
*face painting and kettle corn at the Peddler's Fair
*cousins and new friends
*a happy husband with a new surfboard

There is no other place I would rather be on the Fourth of July than Cayucos. And the people we spent it with were pretty great too! :) I hope yours was just as blessed!

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Sunny said...

It sounds so much fun, except for the sunburn part and having your dinner taken away before you're done eating!! Oh, and the sand mess. Ick! I do not envy your girls! Otherwise it sounds glorious! And getting away from the heat is just another bonus. I'm glad you're back home though, and glad we're going away together!

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