Our little Stingray...

This was Emma's third year on our local swim team and she announced that it will be her last. I kept thinking she would really learn to love it, but no. She complains that the water is too cold (and in her defense, they start practicing 4 evenings per week in April and the pool isn't heated! brrr). She wishes there were a doggy-paddle event. She claims that her favorite thing about meets are the snow cones. She always asks before she gets in line for an event if she has to use her arms and legs while swimming whatever the stroke happens to be. Ummm, I have yet to figure out what stroke does not require both arms and legs. Sigh.

So, fine. Just ride horses. What do I care?

But she looks so darn cute in her cap and goggles!

The backstroke.....far and away her best event!
Look! She's even right in the center of her lane! This is a rarity, I assure you! ;)


Ahh, so close!
There are usually several heats for each event (and she still doesn't really grasp this concept) and sometimes she will come in second or third in her heat. However, she comes in somewhere around 16th in the event....but she always jumps out of the pool with these big eyes and yells, "I think I was first this time!!! Maybe I'll get a medal!" Ugh. I don't have the heart to tell her the truth......so we get a snow cone and change the subject.

See! I told you she was cute!


Sunny said...

Awwww, she is so cute! I'm sorry she is not enjoying swim team as much as you hoped. I love her enthusiasm and how she thinks that she won a medal. She'll be an awesome equestrian. :)

Talia said...

she IS cute!! Swimming may not be her sport, but at least she stuck with it long enough to find out she really doesn't care for it! Like you said, she can just ride horses. we all know how good she is at that! :)

Pajama Dren said...

Jake's pretty cute too.

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