On Saturday, my mother-in-law and I ventured to Hollywood to see Wicked! Oh, it was fabulous!! We both had read the book last year and listen to the soundtrack regularly, but had not yet seen the play. I do not recommend the book. I highly recommend the play! It was funny and brilliant! The book is dark, gross and kind of disturbing....it really is nothing like the play, although the author of the book is said to be very happy with the adaptation. Go figure!
Anyway, now I am obsessed with the theatre. This always happens. I go see a play, it's great and then I want to go back again and again. I would gladly go see Wicked again with anyone that may be interested. :-) Also, they advertised that Mary Poppins (currently on Broadway) is coming to the Ahmanson Theatre in LA in November, 2009. I'm so excited! My girls are also big theatre lovers and I think Emma would have loved Wicked and I know they will both love Mary Poppins. I think I've convinced Jake that we need to take them.....anyone else want to join us? You need to decide by mid-2009.....that's when the tickets go on sale! :-)


kourtini said...

I LOVED Wicked too!!!! It was probably my favorite Broadway show so far. We saw Phantom in N.Y. years ago, and we've seen Cats, Les Mis, and Oaklahoma all here. I just looooove plays!!! Mary Poppins would be SO much fun... I'll have to check it out. We've never taken the kids before, I bet they would love it!!

Talia said...

I want to see Wicked SO bad!! Everyone I know who's seen it just raves about it, and I LOVE the theatre too. I've only been to see one other show (Phantom of the Opera), but ever since then I've been in love, and can't wait to see another one.

Sunny said...

My sister and her husband saw Wicked and she loved it too. I have no idea what it is even about but now since everyone is apparently raving about it, I wanna see it too! How fun to go with your MIL and do a fun girls' night! I don't think I've even seen a big play or show yet. I need some culture in my life, huh? ;)

Cheeziemommie said...

Hi there :) I randomly clicked on your blog from Talia's roll (who I also don't know!) and just had to stop and say hello when I read this post because I too love WICKED!! I saw the show this past April and have been dying to go back ever since, especially knowing that it will only be in a LA for a few more months :(
Anyway it's nice to find another Wicked Fan :)

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