The blur that was October.....

What have we been up to? Good Question.....let me consult my calendar. Other than our weekly routine of dance, errands, CBS and AWANA, we've had field trips to the fire department and the pumpkin patch, school pictures, parent/teacher conferences, free dress day (that mom forgot about and had to rush back home for a change of clothes), the bike-a-thon (Emma did ride all 15 miles to earn another free dress day....mom rode about 13 miles and earned a sore rear end!), playgroup at the park, looking at the Halloween decorations on grandma & grandpa's golf course (a yearly tradition), visiting with out-of-town aunt and uncle, Missionfest at Grace and Ebenezer, surprise "Mommy Shower" for a dear friend to celebrate much anticipated adoption of her two darlings, Jake left on hunting trip, girls and I escape to the beach for the weekend, Lauren caught a cold, grass grew (and was mowed for the first time!).

Phew! Can't wait for November! :-)

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Sunny said...

Oh shoot, I didn't leave a comment on this one yet. Sorry about that! October WAS a busy month for you! I am totally jealous of all of that beautiful healthy new green grass you've got growing there. When's the deck going in? You'd better invite me over for a BBQ when it is all done. ;)

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