Riding Lessons

Emma has, in the last several months, taken a great interest in riding horses. Emma is the kind of kid who likes to try just about anything (soccer, gymnastics, swimming) and has a great time doing whatever, but has yet to really find that one thing that she's truly passionate about. Until now. Jacob is only too happy to oblige her. He bought her a horse and then last week signed her up for riding lessons with a client of his. Today was her second lesson and she has been giddy all afternoon. She rode the instructor's horse and an English saddle (no saddle horn to hold onto) for the first time. Now she wants the outfit to match! :-)

And what did Lauren (my perfectly happy to walk, rather than ride a horse daughter who is just like her mother) do during this lesson? Feed (ahem, throw leaves at) the weanlings. Good times for everyone!


Kourtni said...

Oh wow... that is so cool. Emma is so brave! I was terrified of big animals when I was little... and I still can't say that I would get up there and ride one even now!! She looks like she's been doing it her whole life. =)

Sunny said...

Awww, I think it's so great that she wants to ride horses. Just think of all the fun times she'll have riding with Daddy as she gets older. I'm with Lauren though. I'd rather throw leaves at them. :-p

Talia said...

she is going to be quite the little equestrian, I can already see it!! how fun!
Isn't it neat how different your girls are... I wonder what Lauren will love she is Emma's age??

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