I can't believe it....

....I think I am a video-game widow! My parents bought us a Wii this year for Christmas and my husband hasn't been heard of since! Knowing how opposed to all things technological Jake is, my mom and brother thought that if they gave him "Cabella's Big Game Hunter" to go with the system, he would be ok with us having one.....well, it worked. As I type this he is in Zambia hunting water buck (huh?) and is slated to take out a trophy lion next. I know there are many of you out there whose husbands regularly play video games. I have heard you complain.....I have also secretly laughed inside, thinking, "Oh, that will never be me! Jake hates video games. Heck, he hates being inside, claims to not believe in the Internet and would gladly ditch our TV entirely except to watch the occasional PBS documentary!" Oh how God loves to make a liar out of me! :-) Leave it to a hunting video game to finally bring my husband into the 21st century! The girls and I did manage to play some of the sports yesterday.....Lauren is quite the bowler.....seriously!


....our bathroom is FINALLY done!! Woo hoo!! I have many before and after pictures to post soon (I know you are on the edge of your seats!)! It will have to wait a bit longer though because I'm busy taking showers in my new shower.....Jake has had to limit me to twice a day....seriously!


Sunny said...

Cheri, you crack me up! I am shocked that Jake likes the Wii so much, although the hunting game shouldn't surprise me. That is so funny! I'm glad you're all enjoying your new game system. ;) The shower thing, oh my word, I am totally laughing about you taking multiple showers just because you want to use your new one. LOL!!!

Pajama Dren said...

Makes me wish I had a Wii. Except that I want Dance Dance Revolution. And multiple showers can't be bad, right?

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