Foals Galore!

Meet the newest additions to our zoo....

The little bay stud colt in the above two pictures was born about 3 weeks ago to our sweet mare, Molly. We haven't named the foal yet, but he is so friendly ans curious. He comes right to the fence and sticks his head through waiting to be pet. The girls are in love!!

The sorrel stud colt in these previous two pictures was just born last Thursday morning. The bummer is that Emma and I were home doing schoolwork at the dining room table, completely oblivious to what was going on outside and we completely missed the whole birth! Grrr! We had to cut the umbilical cord on this one and so we let Emma in to pet him. He is soooo soft and sweet and it was hysterical watching him try to stand the first few times. His momma, Anne, is a nasty little thing though. She decided to kick him every time he tried to nurse and at one point made his eye swell shut. I was ticked! We spent the rest of the day with her tied to the fence "persuading" her to feed her baby. The problem was that after we got her under control, he was too scared to try again. It was a mess. But by about 9pm, mother and baby were nursing just fine....but Anne still isn't real thrilled about the whole situation! She will be gone in 3-4 months when the foal is weaned!

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Sunny said...

What cute pictures! I'm glad the foals are doing well.

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