Mr. McGregor would be proud!

This is four heads of lettuce I harvested this morning! Salad anyone?!

The Bible study that we are going to do this summer is....."Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed: A Study of David"!! Yay! Thanks, Kala, for getting the DVDs for us! You can all order your member books now ($12.95)! We are going to start on June 17 (and then also meet the following 5 Wednesdays) here at my house. Please let me know for sure if you are planning on coming so that I can send out e-mails with an exact time and the amount for babysitting after I talk to the babysitters! Looking forward to it!!

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~ Kati :) said...

very pretty! Count us in for the Bible Study...most of it anyway! We leave on the 4th of July for Rod's for a week and a half, but would love to join until then! Thanks for facilitating!

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