Wednesday was the first day of Enrichment classes for the girls. Lauren was so excited to go to school with all her friends....literally, almost all her friends are in her class! Lauren and Juliet waiting in line for class to start....
Some kids ride the bus to school.....ours ride a hay wagon pulled by a tractor! Love it! When it was time for them to board the wagon, Lauren freaked out a little. She is not the biggest fan of a) new things and b) leaving me. This is when I rejoiced in the fact that Juliet was there who enjoys both a) new things and b) leaving her mother. (haha....sorry, Kourtni! :)) Juliet put her arm around Lauren and said, "Let's go do this. I'll keep you safe!" and off they went....Phew, I think I owe Juliet a kid's meal or something! :)
Here they are on the aforementioned tractor after the pep talk. I'd kill to know what they're talking about here....or maybe it's best we don't know! Whatever it was, it worked. When I picked her up, Lauren informed me that she loves going to that school more than school at home, but she loves me more than the ladies who teach her there. Nice save, Lauren.
I feel sorta bad that I have no pictures of Emma once we got to the school. In fact, I didn't really see Emma again after we got there. She went off alone to find her line and that was that. (She's my Juliet. lol) I did find out afterward that she got into the wrong line and ended up in 8th grade Biology. I know. My mother of the year award is in the mail. Even worse is that when she was telling me this, I just kept thinking, "Thank goodness that didn't happen to Lauren! She would never come back!" And as is typical for Emma, she had made 3 brand new best friends by the end of the 3 hours and couldn't tell you a single thing about any of the classes that she took. I assure you I have no idea where she gets that from!

I have two girls who cannot wait for next Wednesday!

And did I mention that I strolled through Target alone for much of the 3 hours that they were there?

I would call the day a smashing success!


Kourtni said...

Ok, I literally cracked up the whole time I was reading this. Thank you for getting pictures!! I am a horrible mom... I don't have any pics from Wednesday. I'm glad that Juliet and Lauren have each other in class... what a blessing!!! And I think my Lauren is going to be Genevieve.I will probably never get her to go to school without me. Hopefully she will have a friend to walk her through it when her time comes. hehe. The part about Emma in 8th grade biology..... hillarious. LOL!!!

~ Kati :) said...

note to self....remember camera this Wed!! enrichment makes turning in a little paperwork sooo worth it...so glad all you girls are at Valley now!!

Pajama Dren said...

The girls are so cute! Must be good genes.

*CPA* Su said...

So cute! Call me ignorant, but what all do they do in Enrichment class? Is it at your church?

Talia said...

hehehe..... you're hilarious.
I'm so glad Lauren liked it!! Juliet is a great little leader, that's for sure. This charter school thing sounds pretty cool... I'll defiitely be checking it out for next year.

Sunny said...

Awwww, I am so happy the girls had each other to lean on! They were all a hoot in class. I think they will love it. And LOL about Emma going to 8th grade biology! She did not notice she was standing in line with big kids?? And no adults noticed poor little Emma with that group? I'm glad she came through it with no harm though. I love that she already has new best friends. Yay for a great first day of enrichment!

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