Haiti Update

Because my previous post was wildly unsuccessful, we will simply be making a donation for the amount we originally anticipated making.

Not $4.20!

Thank you so much to those who took the time to comment!

We will also be donating to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church's Committee on Foreign Missions. There was an update in our bulletin yesterday that was received by our pastor via e-mail from some of the missionaries who are in Haiti. It was written 48 hours after the earthquake.
"Communication is still very difficult and all you get from the embassies are recorded messages. This has made it very stressful for folks. Pray that the airport would be back to normal operation to allow commercial flights to resume. The facts are that fuel is no longer available. Soon food and water will be in short supply. In Port-au-Prince it is very likely that the desperation from hunger and thirst will drive people to violence. It may not be safe by the weekend. Help is on the way, but reports on the ground are that airplanes full of supplies are not being met by anyone who can be in charge of distribution. The UN is busy rescuing their own workers from the rubble of collapsed buildings. Pray that the rescue efforts would be stepped up so basic food and services can be provided.
It will probably take at least two to three weeks before things to settle down to the place where it might be wise for [short-term mission teams] to attempt to travel to Haiti - going in before then, even if it were safe, might result in the team finding itself competing for scarce resources with the very same people they went in to help.
...please pray that it would please our Lord to use even the great suffering and loss of life occasioned by the earthquake to draw men and women unto Himself, our only refuge."

The Committee on Foreign Missions has established a "Haiti Earthquake Relief" fund. If you feel led, you may mail donations (I assume with the above written in the memo line) to CDM, P.O. Box P, Willow Grove, PA 19090


Sunny said...

Aw, I am so sorry you didn't get the huge response you wanted! I think it is so admirable that you felt led to give toward the relief efforts in Haiti. Love you!

Amy said...

i'm fascinated by how many people did this on their blogs too and found you! i'm going to check out the one you're donating too, i've been meaning to do so this weekend and it's quickly ending!

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