It's that time again...

...where I revert to an eight year old. A few days ago, it was my half-birthday! My mother-in-law remembered (because she always does) and bought me the most fabulous gift!!
It's a chicken topiary! :) We went to the BC Garden Fest earlier this year and there was a vendor selling these. Her husband makes the "forms" from what looks like plastic coated chicken wire. There were humming birds, life-sized golfers and football players and just about everything in between! We all fell in love with them and I actually bought my mom a turtle for her birthday and she adores it. I admired the chicken, but wouldn't spend the money on one for myself. I was completely surprised when my my mother in law pulled it out of her trunk the other day and gave it to me! Man, I love that woman! Just ask my friends....they get real annoyed that I don't have any MIL complaints! She is the best....and not just because she completely spoils me (although she really does)! :)
The front view....
And I just so happen to be babysitting the turtle because my parents will be gone much of the summer. The plant that came with this one was much smaller, but the woman did say that it should be mostly filled in by the end of summer.
Now if I could just figure out a way to make these, my yard would be just like "It's a Small World"....only without the annoying music! ;)

Also, it should be noted that my husband did remember this year and sent me a text in the morning that said, "Happy half birthday. Because apparently that's a holiday now." heehee I think he's finally getting on board with this and frankly, it's about time. ;)


*CPA* Su said...

you and your half-birthdays!! I love it! :)

Sunny said...

The chicken is cute! Shanna got a plane for Greg for his father's day gift. But yours is much more filled in than his is at this point. Happy half birthday! I'm a terrible friend and didn't even think about it. Sorry! ;)

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