We're Dodger Blue...

Jake & I went to the Dodgers v. Rockies game last Wednesday night.
This was the view from our {amazing} seats!
We had our own private snack bar.
Ok, not really, but it always feels like it!
If only they would sell our garlic fries on this deck!
{Don't worry. I went downstairs for them!}

In typical Dodger form, they quit playing about half way through
the game and lost to a really terrible team.
However, Larry King and his wife
{or is it his granddaughter? gag!}
walked right past us on their way out of the stadium suites.
So, the night wasn't a complete loss. ;)

I love going to Dodger games {even though they lose!},
but I really love just being with this guy!


*CPA* Su said...

How cute are you guys! I rarely see pics of the hubby not in action on here! ;-)

Pajama Dren said...

Sounds fun, and that's a super cute pic of you and Jake.

So, how are you feeling about Man Ram's jumping ship?

Sunny said...

While I'm not a fan of any sport, I love that you and Jake have this in common and get to spend time together just the two of you! Love the picture of you two together! Just think, hockey season is coming up. :)

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