What I Wore Wednesday {Week 2}

I only have 3 pictures this week because I was at a women's retreat at Hume Lake for 3 days {yipee!}. And if I'm being completely honest, I didn't get dressed on Monday. I was tired and didn't feel great. I don't think anyone needs a picture of that! You're welcome.
Last Wednesday....Enrichment classes for the girls.
Sundress: Gap outlet...couple of years ago.
Sandals: Gap....couple of years ago.
Only in Kern County could I have worn this dress on Wednesday {and sweat to death in it} and then, less than one week later..... ...it's cold and raining! This was Tuesday and I took dinner to our piano teacher who just had a sweet baby boy. I'll be honest, I would have worn yoga pants all day this day if not for the fact that I knew I only had 3 pictures for this week and I didn't one of them to be of me in that outfit! :)
Jeans: Levi's from Costco...these are my new favorites and you will be seeing them a lot! Super comfortable! I just bought them last week so, if you hurry....
Top: Gap outlet....$3 on Friday {we always stop and shop at the outlets on our way to Hume and the Gap outlet was a hit this year! LOTS of clearance and we had coupons! :)}
{Mr. Rogers} Sweater: Target....$12 on the clearance rack, recently.
Flats: Target....$10 in the spring.
Necklace: Lisa Leonard

Today! Enrichment classes for the girls.

Jeans: Gap in SLO....$8 last year. I wear them way too much and they really need to be retired. They used to be dark blue. But, I love them so! ;)

Top: Gap outlet....$4 on Friday!
Same {Mr. Rogers} Sweater as yesterday!

Black flats: Target....$10 in the spring.

Necklace: Lisa Leonard

Yellow, leather flower ring: Hume gift shop....$6! Love!

Close-up of the braiding detail on the shirt and my ring!
I'm linking up with Lindsey again!
Until next week....


Pajama Dren said...

Hooray! I absolutely LOVE seeing what you've been wearing. And you are always so, so cute! I especially love the black and white print dress--feeling very drawn to black and white graphic prints lately. And I'm all for Mr. Rogers-style cardigans.


Cambria said...

Very cute outfits. I am in love with the yellow flower ring! :)

*CPA* Su said...

clearance & coupons - my kind of girl!! :)

and YAY for a week of sweater weather!! hopefully it STAYS this way, but as we all know, this town is SOOOO unpredictable this time of year!

Karen said...

Cheri~ you look so great! I saw what you did with that shirt - the roses - and LOVED LOVED it! I just came across this new website and immediately thought of your rose shirt. It's called psimadethis.com. I'm not crafty *at all* but she makes me what to make stuff, as do you with your nifty artsy clothes and accessories :)

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