right now i'm...

...super excited about the school calendar that I came up with over the last few weeks! It's a sort of modified year-round schedule. We still have 2 big chunks of "summer vacation", but it allows for more one week vacations during the school year! This is one of those weeks! Hooray! :)

...in denial that emma is old enough to go to church summer camp this year. my mother in law and and i are going to be the camp cooks. you didn't really think i was going to let emma go without me, did you? ;)

...full of heart shaped pancakes!

...thinking that "say yes to the dress" is a great metaphor for all that is wrong with this country. a woman just bought a $12,000 dress {A TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLAR DRESS!! what the what!?!} even though her budget was $4,000. but it's ok because it made her "feel special" and the sale's woman told her she "deserved it." i don't even know what to say. actually, i do. but it's not very nice. ;)

...thankful for wednesday lunches on the grass with dear friends.

...seeing the first beautiful blooms on the almond trees outside our window!

...needing to stock up on allergy pills. sigh.

...planning for our garden and more chicks. and maybe a pig? hmmm.

...thankful for a full egg crate in the fridge after a winter with very few eggs. yay for sunshine and a few 70 degree days!

...sorting and tagging bins and bins of clothes for an upcoming consignment sale. it's the first consignment sale i've ever done. coming up with prices for things stresses me out.

...not watching "hoarders" and "fatal attraction" {people who keep large, wild animals like lions and bears as pets and are ultimately maimed or killed by them}. these shows stress me out. seriously. i don't think it's entertaining on any level to watch other people's crazy. i have enough crazy of my own, thankyouverymuch.

...relieved to have leftover gumbo and red beans and rice from yesterday's church potluck for dinner tonight! yum! it's a fact that we have the BEST pot lucks ever! no jello surprise to be found.

...going to clean/gut lauren's room {again!} now. if you don't hear from me soon, send reinforcements. blerg.

...wishing you a happy valentine's day, friends!


*CPA* Su said...

$12,000 wedding dress for a marriage that probably won't last all that long if the dress is what made her "feel special". (whoops - is that the not nice thing that you weren't going to say?! ;-)

On Hoarders - yeah, they are crazy. And it really makes me crazy to watch them be crazy (seriously people...throw the GARBAGE and FECES away!!) But you're right, watching them be crazy should not be entertainment for me. But that probably won't stop me from watching it...sigh!

Sunny said...

Direct me to this blog you've discovered with this awesome school schedule. How nice you've had the week off!

Are you really going to be the camp cook? I absolutely had no interest in ever going to camp if it meant a very long, windy and bumpy trip 5 plus hours away, but now that it is closer, I might consider it someday. Emphasis on the might.

I've seen Hoarders a few times via Netflix and it sure does inspire me to throw a bunch of things away and clean! lol

John said...

I literally pause "Hoarders" and go throw something away. Some things I cannot relate to, but this I can.

Oh yes, get a pig ("root, hog, or die" - Gma. Chris) and a goat!

John said...

Umm, I'm not John, but I guess things like this happen when you share a computer!

Leah Shine said...

There is a guy up here who likes to feed the bears. There was even a pic of him feeding a HUGE bear a donut out of his mouth in the newspaper. Idiot.

Leah Shine said...

(I just read my comment and I made a huge prep phrase misplacement.-sigh- I used to be smart. I guess you know what I meant though. :)

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