She FINALLY got it!!!

Emma rode her bicycle today....without help!!! (Yes, I know she is 7 1/2 years old!) This is a monumental milestone for our family!! Jake, Lauren and I were dancing and cheering in the street today as Emma finally rode off on her own! It was like until this afternoon it just hadn't clicked. Part of the problem is where we live....there is no where to ride except in the street which is like the Indy 500 for farmers. It didn't help that she just wasn't all that interested in learning. She was terrified of falling off, couldn't keep the bike straight or balanced and basically was ok with going her entire life without knowing how to ride a bike without training wheels. However, her dad and I didn't really want to be the parents of the woman who still had training wheels on her bike. :-) Plus, the annual school bike-a-thon is quickly approaching and the kids are required to ride a ridiculous 18 miles that day (no, I'm not exaggerating!) and it will be soooo much easier for her this year if the training wheels are off and she can coast some of the time.

Of course, this meant Lauren hopped right on the old bike with the training wheels and announced that she did not need anybody to help her and then she took off! Jake said, "I give it about 2 weeks before she's riding without the training wheels."

And that is the difference between the first and second child!! :-)


Sunny said...

Yay for Emma! I'm glad she knows how to ride her bike now! Especially since it's just in time for the bike-a-thon. :) I still think it's ridiculous how many laps they have to go. Ugh.

raymond said...

Yeah, I'll have to agree with Jake on this one (as if I often disagree?). That sounds a lot like me and Angela when we were kids too. "It might hurt, why do I want to do this again?" "Oh, get out of the way, baby. Little sister coming through."

Talia said...

hooray Emma!! You know, it's funny, it took our Emma a while to even want to ride her bike with training wheels on it. She tipped over once when she first tried it, and of course that freaked her out and that was it. :)
I think you're right about that whole first/second child thing. :) Lauren is so funny!!

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