Aha, now I get it!

Now I understand why all of those "experts" say that teaching our kids the alphabet song does more harm than good! Because when you are pointing to the letters in the phonics book and you get to "L" they say, "ELEMENNO".....in fact, I distinctly remember all of us parents being chastised by Emma's kindergarten teacher about that very thing! "If you are going to sing the song, make sure you ENUNCIATE each letter!!" (At the time, I think she was being a little crazy! :-)) Also, when you get to the end of the alphabet and you point to "Z", they say, "and". You know, "x, y, and z".....

So here is my helpful hint of the day: enunciate and leave out "and"

Also, I think this Alpha-Phonics book is brilliant (thanks Kourtni!!)! And you can't beat the price! We're talking under $20 and less than 168 pages (which includes several pages of teacher instruction and a lesson plan to go with each of the 128 lessons). Beats a 50 pound box of Hooked on Phonics that costs $200! It is very basic.....letters and words on a page.....I love simplicity (and I hate big cumbersome books full of pictures of apples and bees!) Most importantly, Lauren loves it (at least so far!).....she didn't want to stop today, but I could tell her brain was getting tired and she needed a break, but she's waiting for dad to get home so she can show him how she can "read" (that is, correctly identify the upper and lower-case A, B and C). lol!


Sunny said...

YAY! I am so glad she is doing so well. It is amazing and thrilling when you see your child learning and understanding something. I am getting that book ASAP!

Sunny said...

I ordered the book yesterday! Now I am anxiously waiting for it to arrive. I intentionally ordered it from someone in Nevada even though it was a little bit more money (not much though) because I didn't want to have to wait to get it from North or South Carolina! ;)

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