What 2009 will bring....

I don't do the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing.....but I think its great to have things to look forward to accomplishing. So this is just a list of fun, new things I'm excited about trying in 2009:

1. Learn to sew. Ok, this has been something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. When I was little, my grandma always made me dresses and matching ones for my doll....even my Barbi! How in the heck did she make tiny clothes for a Barbi?! Anyway, now my MIL does this very thing for my girls. Sooooo, starting next Tuesday afternoon, Emma and I are enrolled in a sewing class....thanks to my fabulously great MIL! Emma is thrilled, but I think my overwhelming excitement is starting to annoy her! :-)

2. Run/walk/crawl a 5K. This is something that I've always wanted to do and my dear friend, Sunny "persuaded" me to do it with her. I will say, I have always been dumbfounded by and somewhat envious of people who run marathons (yes, I know a 5K is not a marathon!). I don't see a marathon in my future, but I have always wanted to be a "runner." However, this means I actually have to start running now (as my ever-supportive husband keeps badgering, I mean reminding me of!).

3. Participate in the Volkslauf. This kinda goes with #2 and frankly, if #2 doesn't work out, there is no way this will ever happen! Sunny also volunteered me to be in this and I'm pretty excited/terrified! Aforementioned husband is oh so excited about this and promises to be there, camera in hand, cell phone w/ 911 on speed dial at the ready! :-) I think he might be mocking me.....

4. Attend a women's retreat! This isn't really a "goal"or resolution, but something I am excited about anyway! I have never been on a women's retreat, ever! In fact, the last retreat I was on was a IV leader's retreat in college! I'm so excited that Melanie and Kati have invited me to go and I am so looking forward to it!!


Sunny said...

Hey, I didn't have to work very hard to persuade you. ;) And you mentioned being interested in the Volkslauf so I mentioned it to Kourtni and she's the one who said you'd do it. ;) I don't even want to do it but if you are going to then I might as well try and we can laugh at ourselves the whole time! ;)

Once you're an expert seamstress, I'll have my list ready for things you need to sew for me. ;)

Talia said...

go for it-- that 5k will feel like such an amazing accomplishment. :) And how fun that you girls are going to do it together!

I hope the sewing goes well-- please share your progress, because it's something I'm TRYING to be good at too! lol

~ Kati :) said...

The women's retreat....Awesome!! The Volkslauf? Torture! I'm only considering it if I can find someone who won't be to proud to walk most of it with me! It's killer, but those obstacles are darned fun...!

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