A Guide to Healthy Living

My two monkeys each ate a clementine, a banana and two bowls of blueberries and blackberries for lunch! We love the day after a trip to Costco!!

But, lest you be too amazed at my mothering skills.....directly after lunch they went to play the Wii. Who was it that said the Wii is better than most video games because at least it gets the kids up and moving? Oh yah, I think that was me.....

...before I witnessed my youngest's ability to bowl from this position on the couch! Now that's skill! :-)


Sunny said...

LOL! I love how Lauren has already mastered the couch potato bowling pose. Too cute! All of that fresh fruit looks delicious. I am glad the girls eat healthy food so well. They need to teach my boys to love berries, all three of them. *sigh* I never can buy a huge amount of berries because I am the only one who'll eat them!

Kourtni said...

HAHA!! My kids "lazy bowl" now too. They will usually try to get out of a workout.

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