We are definitely that family. You know, the one that loads the car well beyond capacity and sets of to LA at 6 am in order to avoid traffic and be the first ones in the park. :-) My husband sang the Beverly Hillbillies theme song as we drove out of my parent's driveway with the stroller and several suitcases on top of my mom's car, seven people and several more suitcases, a case of water and enough snacks (have you seen the food prices at that place!?) to feed an army for a week on the inside. My poor children had about 12 inches of personal space in the back seat and stuff crammed on every side of them....it was a bit ridiculous! And, yes we could have taken 2 cars, but what fun would that have been!? :-)

My girls and I in Fantasy Land.

Emma, Lauren and my mom coming off their third round of Thunder Mountain. The highlight of this trip (other than packing the car!) was that Lauren loved the roller coasters (well, except Space Mountain) and rode them with her little hands up in the air while laughing uncontrollably every time. Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain were definite favorites! Sometimes she really surprises us....for all her shyness and aversion to people, she can be quite the little dare devil!

Always a favorite part of our trips....hugging Pooh Bear!

Jason, Michelle, Emma and I in Snow White's dungeon! :-)

Cameron and Lauren on Dumbo....thanks to Auntie Christie we don't have to wait in line for this one. The park was extremely crowded this trip and that was a bit disappointing, but 3 days gave us a chance to go on everything we wanted to at least once. Gone are the days when we would sit on a ride (I'm thinking specifically of the Pooh ride when Emma was 3) and keep going and going until I would finally scream, "Please let me off now! I can't take it anymore!!" :-)

I think the best part of any vacation is the people you spend it with and we are truly blessed in this regard! Cousins, Jason and Michelle have been going with our family for the last several years and we couldn't imagine going without them! We had so much fun and can't wait for next time!


Talia said...

your trip to Disneyland sounds perfect and fun. :) Yay for Disneyland!!

oh, and meeting Pooh Bear was one of the highlights for my girls too! Maybe it's because he is so cute and cuddly...

Sunny said...

Ack, I didn't realize I had not commented on this yet. The pictures are so cute! I am sorry it was more crowded than you expected. I love how you stuffed the car full. :)

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