A Harvest of Blessings

The onions are in. I think there are 180-something. Between the girls obsession with Little House on the Prairie and Jake's innate need to farm, we just might get a tad carried away when it comes to planting our gardens. And it seems to get exponentially bigger with every planting.....and that got us thinking.

Every year we talk about the girls and I having a little stand at our small town's weekly Farmer's Market. However, let's be honest, it sounds quaint and fun......but it would be a huge amount of work. And really, who wants to stand in a parking lot all day in the middle of July selling produce? Not I!

We've always talked to the girls about growing food and that we do it because we enjoy it and it's good for us. We've also told them about people who have to grow food in order to survive. We've looked at the Heifer International website and talked about some other similar organizations and what they do and why. However, we only truly understand when we do something to help.

Here is where you come in.

I've decided that this summer we're going to have our very own "CSA". The girls planted our garden right along with us. This summer, they will help water, pick, and weed it. Then we will sell the produce....to you and whoever you know that might be interested. Then they will use all of that money to buy something for Heifer International. It might be a flock of chicks....but how great would it be if we could purchase a heifer or even part of one? So, think about it, pray about it, and tell your friends and family.

I haven't really thought out all of the exact details, but they will fall into place.

And we're bursting with excitement over the possibilities! :)

So grow little onions, grow. We've got big plans for you!


Pajama Dren said...


I think it's a fabulous idea. Every Christmas, I toy with the idea of donating a goat--you know how I have this "thing" for goats. But since I'm not in your area to reap the benefits of your harvest, how about I plan to send your family money to put towards something on Heifer International? Another idea: we adults could not exchange Christmas gifts and such and instead make a donation. What do you think? Of course, I still want to buy gifts for the girls--they are fun to shop for!

*CPA* Su said...

What a great idea and an even GREATER lesson you are teaching your girls! I can't wait to hopefully buy some yummy onions from you guys!

Sunny said...

Wow! I think you have a great idea! I hope your garden grows and you have an abundant harvest next summer. You are such a great Mommy and teaching your girls important lessons. I would love to buy some of your produce!

~ Kati :) said...

yes!! we will be there!! start a fan pg on fb...haha!!

Leah Shine said...

Its funny that you are doing this because I am giving "a flock of geese" through Heifer Int. to my family members this Christmas! I just love that organization! I will support you however I can from afar.

Kala said...

Awesome!! Can't wait! :)

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