This was a good week! And I came in waaaay under budget. :)
4 boxes of General Mills cereal
4 boxes of fruit snacks/rolls/whatever
3 boxes of crackers (I'll pass on the All Bran ones from now one because they taste like, well....All Bran. :/ You live and learn...and they only cost .50)
2 boxes of kleenex

2 shave gels
2 deodorants
2 shampoo/body wash for men
2 6oz cartons of blackberries
1 lb. of cherry tomatoes
1 5 ct. sleeve of garlic (to be planted in our garden)
1 20 oz. bag of baby carrots
1 3lb bag of clementines
6 red & 6 green bell peppers
1 Colgate 360 Sonic Power toothbrush
1 OralB CrossAction toothbrush

Grand Total: $28.21

Also, I discovered at CVS that they are offering "Double ECB Rewards" for all purchases from November 1-December 15. Unfortunately, I didn't discover this until now and it is nearly over. The "coupon" I found in the store said that you must have them scan the coupon once (and then you're permanently in the system for all future transactions during the promo period), but it does not apply retroactively. Bummer. Beginning on January 1st, you can go into CVS, scan your card at one of the kiosks and it will print all of those "Extra Bucks". If I understand it right, I should have about 25 ECBs so far. :)
Also, the checker at CVS was quite impressed with how much I got and how little I ended up paying that she nearly squealed with delight! lol She asked where I learned how to do that and when I told her I took a class she asked, "Like at BC!?!" hahahaha Um, no. I don't actually have a degree in couponing....although it would have been more profitable than what I do have a degree in! :)

My favorite deals this week were absolutely free! I was at Vons, in line at Starbucks when the lady in front of me turned around and asked if I wanted a free drink. Huh? (I think that was pretty much my exact response.) She said that she was buying several bags of coffee and for each one, she received a free drink and since she was alone, she only needed one.....so she "bought" me one too! :) I told her she had made my day....and she had! lol
Also, I won 3 sets of bows from Alexis....and I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the girls! :) They are completely adorable....and I'm going to her house tomorrow to buy some of the flower clippies for us too. If you're in the market for bows or headbands, I highly recommend knotheadbows.com...they're adorable, well made and they won't break the bank! Plus, Alexis is one of the nicest people I know....and she carries around a big binder of coupons, too! :)


Pajama Dren said...

Well, I got a large pizza for 5.55. Ha! Oh wait, you won't disown me if I say, "Ha!" will you?

Mommy Diffee said...

That is AMAZING! Sunny has been telling me about how you are doing this and I am SO inspired now! =)

~ Kati :) said...

ok, I'm doing pretty good at Target, but I follow her blog and still can't get the grocery deals down like you!! way to go!!

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