I'm sorry to say it, but I think this is the first year since Emma started school that I have actually enjoyed Christmas time. It sounds awful, but it's the truth! There were class parties, choir concerts, parent Christmas lunches, school board Christmas parties, gift exchanges, dance recitals, endless Christmas program practices, etc, etc, etc. Granted, I "volunteered" (or, "allowed myself to be sucked in"....whichever.) for all of these things, but to be perfectly honest, I hated it. And it made me start to hate Christmas. It was all so overwhelming and exhausting that by the time the day actually got here, I just wanted it to be over!

But, not this year. There were no class parties, no program practices. There was nothing except the things that mattered most.

We spent a lot of time at home, by the fire, listening to our Christmas station on Pandora. We decided that most Christmas songs sound better when sung by men. And if that man could be Josh Groban, all the better. Just sayin.

We hung our Christmas cards.
We made a gingerbread house.

We left homemade blueberry muffins and milk for Santa. And magic reindeer food on the lawn (read: oatmeal).

We made a lot gifts for each other.....

(Sleeping mask and matching slippers sewn with love for Lauren, from Emma.)

We went to Disneyland for a couple days for Auntie Christie's birthday. The girls enjoyed three days of Christmas camp at the museum and sleepovers at grandma's. Jake and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Sandrini's.
We went caroling with our dear church family. And worshipped with them on Christmas morning. And can I just say that if I can't listen to Josh Groban, I'll take the men of our church singing "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel"....I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. Amazing!
We spent time with family and dear friends, making memories and enjoying each other's company.
We took the time to thank God for His most precious gift. We focused our attention not on the things to be done, but on the One who came in order that we might have Life. I never cease to be amazed at how richly our lives are blessed when we are focused on Him!
Truly, this was the best Christmas yet. Well, except that one 2000 years ago..... ;)


Kala said...

Precious times... I am so happy for you all! Love you! :)

~ Kati :) said...

yes yes yes...ours keep getting better, too. 'simple' is the key!! not easy in this world we live in, but I always ask myself, "wwkd?" ...what would kala do?? ;)

Sunny said...

What a beautiful post! I'm so glad you had a lovely Christmas and that it wasn't stressful and busy.

Mommy Diffee said...

Love this post! Your Christmas sounds amazing =) And yeah Josh Groban on Pandora was a big part of our Christmas too =) And you gingerbread house was amazing!

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