I promise you that at some point, my enthusiasm will die and I'll stop posting my shopping trips. Until then....

I got the bulk of this at Walgreens and Target and the grand total was....$26.74! The Loreal shampoo & conditioner came from CVS and I wouldn't have bothered, but they overcharged me last week (& I won't tell you by how much because then you'll really think I'm crazy....) on something so I had to go in to get that anyway....they're normally priced at 4.99 each, but I got both for $1.40. :)
I got the 2 bottles of juice, 3 packages of wipes, and 2 boxes of crackers (the other 2 were .50 each) for FREE at Target!

This is actually from last week.....I did find some good deals this week, but not as many. I think everyone is gearing up for black Friday. So, I'll spare you the details because I didn't take a picture. You're welcome.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Sunny said...

I still have so much to learn. And it's getting bad, I've started DREAMING about couponing! I kid you not, Raymond came to bed last night after I was asleep and apparently I mumbled to him "did you get the coupons?" He was very confused and told me to go back to sleep, LOL! I might need a 12 step program to stop this addiction.

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