What a Deal!!

I have to tell you about this website I found that I think is about as clever as anything! It's called ebates.com. Basically, you sign up with them and you get a $5 "bonus". Then, every time you buy something online, first you log into ebates, then you search for the store you want to shop with (say, gap.com), you click on the link and it takes you straight there. So, basically your just linking through ebates.com. You won't even be able to tell. The website you're shopping through will be exactly the same as if you went straight there!

Now, each store has a pre-set percentage that you will receive in cash-back. So if you search for gap.com, it will come up on ebates and have 10% cash back (or whatever the % happens to be.....and it changes daily on many of them). So if you spend $100 at gap.com, you'll receive a check for $10 from ebates.

Awesome? Um, yes!

Also, if you become a fan of ebates.com on FB, you'll get daily updates that inform you of the "Store of the Day". Today that happens to be restaurant.com. Ebates is offering 30% cash back on all purchases! And restaurant.com is offering 60% off all their certificates if you enter the coupon code HARVEST at checkout.

So, I purchased $25 gift certificates from both Sandrini's and Flames & Skewers and a 50% of certificate from Los Hermanos.....all for $10.70. And I'll get a check for 30% of that from ebates.com!

Some things to note: There are certain restrictions on the restaurant.com certificates, like a minimum purchase amount when you redeem them. (Most aren't that big of a deal, just be sure to read the fine print!) Also, you have to have at least $10 in your ebates.com account before they issue a check. But, you get $5 right off the bat for joining and if you link through them for every purchase that you were going to make online anyway, it shouldn't take too long to get that first check!

Happy shopping!!

Now excuse me while I go do a happy dance! ;)


~ Kati :) said...

awesome!! you're going to have your own save at home mommy site before you know it!! ;)

Sunny said...

How very cool! I have heard about restaurant.com many times, I know my in-laws use it, but I have not tried it. I'd probably want to eat out a whole lot more, which we do enough of already! ;)

April said...

I've used restaurant.com a couple of times and its great! I love finding out about local businessess and trying them out on the cheap, or at least by saving a good chunk of money!

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