I was so excited to get my big box in the mail yesterday! I mean, really excited! Who doesn't love mail? And cheap household items? All delivered for free?

6 bottles of Suave shampoo/conditioner: $.60 each
Roll of paper towels: $.59
12 rolls of toilet paper: $3.57
2 boxes of Kleenex (2-ply): $.68 each

Since shipping is always free, all of this cost me $10.20 after tax (Honestly, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how they are able to ship this for free and still make a profit! It costs me $4.95 to mail a t-shirt. I bet the box this all came in weighed 10 lbs! So far, the only reasonable conclusion I can come up with is that the mastermind behind Alice.com is married to the guy who owns UPS. Seems reasonable to me!) Anyway, I think it was a great deal! Granted, some of their prices (especially if they're not offering coupons) are not so great! Some things I can definitely find cheaper on sale & with my coupons.....but if I can save a little through this site and save myself a trip to town, I'm all for it! I always go straight to the "Other Ways to Shop" tab and select "Shop the Best Deals" option from the drop down menu. Go to
Alice.com and sign up and you'll receive a $10 credit after you've spent $50! Happy shopping!

And let me know if you find out about the shipping mystery. I'm thinking of sending my kids to Vermont and UPS might just be the way to go! ;)


Pajama Dren said...

I wouldn't trust UPS, but I'd certainly welcome your girls!

Talia said...

wow, I am definitely going to check this site out!! That's amazing!!

Maybe they worked out some sort of deal with UPS.... maybe Alice is the mafia and they have some sort of control.... hehehe.

I have no clue. But seriously, what a deal!!

~ Kati :) said...

It's still on my to-do list to check this out...what a bargain! yessssss!!

Sunny said...

I love getting stuff for cheap! And I especially love free shipping!

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