a bathroom remodel (part 2)

Since the handyman we were using for our bathroom remodel had a full-time day job, Jake decided we could save a lot of time (and money) if he did the demolition himself. Basically, that involved knocking out all of the tile in the bathroom. If you remember from the previous post, there was a lot of tile!

Here is the inside of the shower after most of the tile had been removed. See the pile at the bottom of the shower? Also, see the protective face shield at the bottom of the shower? He didn't start out wearing one of those. Let's just say, he thinks safety equipment is overrated. Or at least, he did. We had Jonah and Nathan for the evening and our girls were already in bed when I hear the pounding in the bathroom suddenly cease. Then I hear him shouting for me. I run in the bathroom and open the shower door to find what honestly looks like a murder scene. There was blood every.where. Most of all, it was pouring down his face and into his eyes. Apparently a piece of tile had flown off the wall and hit him in the forehead. As is true of most head wounds, it took a long time for me to even find where the actual wound was and then to get it to stop bleeding. And being the supportive, loving wife that I am, the whole time I was thinking, "Well, great! I'm going to have to wake up the girls, load 4 kids and a bleeding husband into the car and drive into to town and sit in the emergency room at 11:00 on a Saturday night!" However, the only thing my husband finds more overrated than safety equipment is doctors. The bleeding finally stopped on it's own....and the next day he bought a safety mask.

He complained about that mask for the rest of the demolition process.

When we took out the medicine cabinet, we found hundreds of razor blades in the wall. Brand new ones, thankfully, but still! There's no telling.... The green towel on the floor is plugging the pipe for the toilet. Don't worry, I threw that towel away.

to be continued.....
Just one more time, I promise!


*CPA* Su said...

The lack of safety equipment sounds EXACTLY like something my husband would do...why are men SO stubborn?!

Amy said...

you're killing me...i thought this was the second of a two part...patience is not my strong suit!

Sunny said...

Eeek, I still remember when we picked up the boys that night and hearing how Jake practically killed himself. Yikes! OK, so maybe that is a slight exaggeration. :)

~ Kati :) said...

aghhh....MEN!!! at least he is a bob the builder. unless it is on the roof, Jus says call a professional.

Talia said...

ohmygoodness, this is quite the process isn't it!! Wow, having seen all these pictures and head the stories, I'm getting REALLY excited to see the finished project!

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