A Vacation in Vermont

I had a great week in Vermont!! Here are the highlights {in no particular order ;)}....

* I ate a lot! I laughed when Pam and Drennan went over the list of restaurants that we had to eat at while I was there with them. I couldn't believe we could possibly get to them all in just one week....alas, we did! I think my favorite was this little cafe in the town Drennan lives in. It's run by this "cult" of sorts....think Amish hippies. They grow all the food they serve and everyone, including the children, help run their restaurants. I still dream about the food. Yum!

* I drank a lot of coffee! Yay for being able to just stop and get a cup of coffee whenever we wanted. It's the little things, people!

* I read a lot!! I actually started and finished three entire books during that week! Three!! Can you even imagine?! This is what life without cleaning, cooking and laundry looks like. It was divine!

* I took my sweet time in several different fabric stores and a book store! I didn't have to tell anyone to stop touching anything and no one whined that they were bored. :)

* I laughed...a lot! Just look at the picture below....

Yes, that is a toilet. A used toilet that we found in someone's driveway on our way home from Sunday lunch. It had a "Free" sign next to it...so how could we not pick it up, right? It has since become a planter in Drennan's garden. I really wanted to take a picture of Pam and Dren loading it into the car in their church clothes, but Dren said it would draw attention from the home owners {who happened to be standing in their garage}. Yes, the camera would be the attention grabber...not the three well dressed white ladies taking a toilet from their yard. ;) The headboard has also found a home in Dren's yard and is quite cute!

* I became addicted to Glee. Love it!

* I did miss Jake and the girls, but I was not a big inconsolable mess by the end of the week like I had thought I would be. Yes, I was ready to come home after 8 days of being away...but I wasn't ready to come home after 2 days, if that makes sense. I really had feared that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the trip at all because I would be so homesick. I was quite delighted to discover that was not the case! I think I needed the break more than I had realized and it ended up being the perfect way to close the school year and start the summer. And I came home so refreshed and ready to jump right into all of our summer activities.

This is the amazing view up river from the patio of one of the restaurant's where we had lunch.

Drennan. :) And the see the cute covered bridge in the background?

In the basement of this restaurant, they make hand blown drinking glasses {and dishes, but the ceramics studio wasn't operating the day we were there}! They serve all of the food and drinks in the restaurant on/in these handmade pieces and they have a shop where you can purchase their wares {if you have an extra $64 lying around and need a wine glass. choke.} It was really amazing to watch the glass blowing! And notice that they are wearing shorts and no gloves, goggles or other such safety equipment?? I must admit, the Californian in me sort of freaked out! I mean, don't you have 428 regulatory committees in charge of protecting glass makers in Vermont requiring they be covered head to toe in flame retardant gear? Huh.
I can't wait until the girls are old enough that we can make a trip back to stay with Auntie Dren and take them to Colonial Williamsburg and let them see first hand all that we learn about in our school books! :)


Sunny said...

I am so glad you had fun and enjoyed yourself! Vacations are necessary sometimes, even if we don't realize it. :) It sounds like your trip was full of relaxation and food. Yum. The toilet thing is really funny! Raymond and I just watched the first season of Glee on Netflix and we really like it. Let me come with you when you go to Williamsburg. :)

Mommy Diffee said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time!!!

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