Things I Love {Our Yard}

I knew I would like having chickens. I was excited about fresh eggs!
But I didn't realize how much I'd love watching them out in our yard.
All that I had read is true....they each have such funny little personalities. The feathery little Silkie {Mama Chicken} is a complete spaz...the black/white {Dottie} goes out of her way to terrorize the cats and dogs and mercilessly chases them all over our property squawking & pecking at them...the buff Orpington {Laura} squats down & doesn't move when you come up behind her {she's the only one we can "catch"}.
And they're giving us 3 eggs every day now!
We've been researching which breeds we want to add to our flock next spring.
{Blue/green eggs is our only stipulation as of now.}
Our garden!
Especially these {beautiful} white eggplant!
We also have Chinese {purple} eggplant and a gorgeous green variety.
{It's what's for dinner!}
20 ears picked today.
Antique {horse drawn!} cultivator.
{And our fifth pumpkin of the season!}
We found this treasure at an estate auction. There were hundreds of these amazing pieces including {120 year old} buggies and wagons. I'm saving up for a wagon because how utterly fabulous would that be?
I like to think this cultivator belonged to the Ingalls family.
No, I'm not kidding.
I'll spare you the details of the {elaborate} story I've made up in my head about the sacrifices that they made to buy it and how it changed farming as they knew it.
You're welcome.
{It just makes my heart happy to see it in our yard!}
Our {funky} cactus welded by a friend from church using Jake's {old} horseshoes.
Our favorite place!
{dining room, office, rest stop}
So grateful for the {eerily} mild summer that has allowed us to enjoy this space!
{Seriously. Is anyone else worried that it's going to be 112 on Christmas day this year?}


Kourtni said...

Man, I love your yard too. And that deck is fabulous!! My yard wouldn't even make my top 100 favorite things. Nope. It's pretty ugly. P.s. I am so jealous of your chickens!! ;)

Sunny said...

OK, it's decided. My kids' birthday parties will now be held at your house in your yard and on your deck! Your deck is bigger than my kitchen and dining area, haha. Yay for fresh eggs and pretty things you love. Your garden is HUGE! I'm glad your produce is growing so nicely. :) I'm thinking we'll have a cold winter? Who knows!

Stacie said...


I know what you mean about the weather, so strange but AWESOME! I seem to recall last summer it was coolish and even rained sometime in early August, do you remember that?

Kala said...

Oh, my!! Seems like everything has changed so much; your deck is beautiful!! I'm with you on the summer/winter thing.... :)

Amanda said...

What a fabulous yard! LOVE the cultivator! I'd make up a story about the Ingalls, too. :)

*CPA* Su said...

Does white eggplant taste different than purple? I've never heard of white!

I LOVE your patio/deck!! It does look like perfection! And YES, this summer has been eerily mild...not sure what we did to deserve this (since other parts of the country are having some of the hottest summers on record!), but I'll take it! :)

Also, you ARE getting lots of pumpkins again this year, huh?! I remember last year you got a lot, but didn't expect to, right?! I can not wait to go to the pumpkin patch in a few weeks! YAY!

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