Christmas Cards {or lack thereof}

I intended on doing Christmas cards this year.
I do them every year.
Then the thought of picking out {and probably buying} matching outfits, finding someone to take our picture when we were all clean and home and dressed and available at the same time, braving Costco {yet again!} to pick them up and spending a small fortune on stamps sort of got me out of the mood real quick!

Then I remembered our World Vision Christmas catalog sitting on the coffee table and the decision seemed like an easy one.
I went to their website and bought some chicks and ducks with that money instead.
Funny how a certain amount of money seems like an outrageous expense for something that will be enjoyed for a week and then thrown in the trash, but that exact same amount of money spent on a few egg layers suddenly feels like pocket change.

**Disclaimer: This was a decision that we made for our family and certainly is not an indictment against those who choose to send Christmas cards. I love getting cards from all of you {and if you sent one, it's hanging in our dining room as I type this}. It's probably equal parts laziness and conviction that led to my decision and don't be surprised if you get a card from us next year. If you get a chance and feel so led, I highly recommend that you visit World Vision's site. It's certainly a most worthy {and amazing!} organization!

Merry Christmas!


Karen said...

don't you love the need to put the disclaimer at the end of posts like this one?? :-) the chicks/ducks are such a great idea though!!!

Pajama Dren said...

This is why I love you and think you're the most fabulous sis-in-law ever!

*CPA* Su said...

What a GREAT alternative to Christmas cards!!

Sunny said...

You are so sweet to think of doing this! And while I do wish I had a card from you to hang with all the others I received, I know the families that will be blessed from your gift will be grateful.

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