Things I Love {Christmas Decorations}

Since I've been a total slacker in the WIWW department, I decided to link up with her Christmas tree party instead this week. :)
So here is our tree in all its {fake!} glory....
The pictures are sort of horrible because of all the back light from the windows...but our neighbor always tells me she likes seeing our tree lit up in those windows at night.
I saw a picture in Country Living of a tree in this metal "bucket" and literally squealed, put the laptop down and ran to the garage! I bought one earlier this year at an estate auction for super cheap and have been waiting for just the right thing to use it for. {Jake tried to confiscate it for the horses because he had just bought one at the feed store for three times what I paid, but I wouldn't let him have it because I knew I would need it one day. Yes, need!}
As a side note, I didn't see that picture until after our tree was up and decorated. As a result, I had to take it all apart and basically un-decorate the entire thing to get it into the bucket {fake trees are a wee bit heavy!}. It was quite a site to behold and one that my husband is profoundly grateful to have missed. It was totally worth it though, don't you think? ;)

And while we're on the subject of Christmas decorations....
I made this wreath last week to hand in our dining room and love it so, so much!
Any guesses as to what it's made out of? Hint: it cost me about $3 in supplies to make!


Talia said...

ADORABLE decorations. Love your tree in the bucket, LOVE your banners, and love the wreath too. I think it's made out of coffee filters! that's my guess. :)
you're so creative and talented, Cheri!

*CPA* Su said...

The tree in a bucket is FABULOUS!!!!!!

Pajama Dren said...

I hope it's made out of toilet paper, but coffee filters seems more likely.

If I were local, I'd beg you to make a wreath for me. Love it!

Kourtni said...

That wreath is FABULOUS. Love it. So ruffled and girly. Gimme. ;)

MomScool said...

Cheri ... This is A-Dorable! I want to make one: isn't copying the essence of the highest compliment? I love, love, love this. I have just started sewing again. You can tell Paul is getting older because I can think of crafting again ... for a while I feared it was all gone for good: along with my dear brain, which may very well be :) ... anyway, if you want to share your secrets, please tell. Love you, and Merry Christmas. ~ Patty

Sunny said...

I've been horrible about commenting on blogs lately. I do love your tree in a bucket. I can't believe you decided to do it AFTER you had set it all up!

I think your wreath is soooo cute and I can't believe how amazing coffee filters can look. :)

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