Things I Love {My Sister}

In case you don't know me in real life, I'd like to share a few things with you:
I have a mentally and physically retarded sister.
Her name is Christie.
Wednesday is her 29th birthday.
I have the worst time trying to come up with gifts for her!
What in the world do you buy someone who can't read and doesn't care a lick about TV or movies? She doesn't carry a purse or wear jewelry. She doesn't drive, use a cell phone or own an ipod.
Because she is a bit wobbly on her feet and her foot is very narrow, she can only wear one kind of shoe {a majorly unattractive white leather tennis shoe I might add. ::shudder:: I mean seriously. Is it too much to ask that they make that shoe in brown?! Believe me, my mom and I have searched high and low and it does not exist.}.
And because of her scoliosis, she can't wear most tops. In fact, the only pull over type t-shirt that will fit her properly {isn't too tight around her back and has a small enough neck hole that it won't fall off of her shoulder} is Gap's "My Favorite T". I am not exaggerating when I tell you she owns every color and pattern they have ever made in both long and short sleeve. Don't get me wrong, they're perfectly fine shirts. However, they're terribly plain. Especially when you wear one every.single.day.
I'm not telling you all of this in order to focus on the things she can't do or have. It's simply to make a point: coming up with decent gift ideas for her is a bit of a struggle.

There are two things in this world that she does really love.
The first thing is Mickey Mouse. However, her room currently resembles the Mickey Mouse section of the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney. If it has Mickey Mouse on it, she owns it already. And her room can only hold so much. Oy.
Secondly, the girl likes to eat. Specifically, Cheetos, In-N-Out Burger {you do not want to drive past one with her in the car unless you plan on stopping. Consider yourself warned.}, hot dogs, and Dibs. And if you don't think there have been years when I gave her a bag of cheetos and a Hot Dog on a Stick gift card, you'd be wrong. She's always very appreciative, but it's not a terribly inspiring gift.
So to make a long story short {or not}, this is what we gave her this year for her birthday...

...two of those previously plain Gap T-shirts with a bit of added loveliness.

They can't compete with Cheetos, but they got a big smile! I call that a success.

P.S. Another day I'll share some of my most favorite Christie & Lauren stories. Let's just say Lauren takes her self-appointed role as Christie's keeper very seriously. It makes for some mighty funny moments. It also makes me laugh to myself when I imagine what Christie must be thinking as Lauren micro-manages her every move. :)


Sunny said...

Happy birthday to Christie! I love that she, our bloggy friend Susan and I ALL turn 29 this month! :)

The shirts you fancied up look soooo cute! I bet she loves them.

Stacie said...

SUCH a great idea!

Amanda said...

What a creative solution! Such a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your sister!!

And SO funny about your knowing Cody and Emily! It is definitely a small world. :) Cody and my husband teach at the same high school and are carpool buddies. We live just a few blocks apart.

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